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Chris recently returned from his first trip to Malawi Africa in 3.5 years. This was his sixth trip and first as the president of Project Wellness/AES. Along with Chris’s nephew Luke and his friend Spencer they were able to complete three well projects. This means that three villages and a few thousand people now have access to clean water.  

Of the three wells, one was the memorial well for our late founder George Klassen. Chris said, “This one was very important not only to the deserving village but to our family and all those who gave in memory of George.” The second one was a memorial well for Chris’s Uncle John and cousin Tye and the third one was a gift from Project Wellness.  

The team was also able to see 12 of the 14 wells completed in 2020/2021 and repaired another two. Besides the three wells we had another goal which was to see as many previous well sights as possible to both ensure they were working and to gather the GPS coordinates of their locations. All told this trip we saw 23 wells in total.  

Our mission does not stop there. We visited with many village Chiefs who told us there is still a great need for more boreholes (wells). If you would like to sponsor a well then please click on the contact button at the top of the page or email