YEAR 1: 2005

Fed 114 children for the entire year, drilled our first well in Chibalala and taught the children about the importance of basic hygiene

YEAR 2: 2006
Fed 131 children for the entire year, provided blankets and clothing for all of the children and drilled two more wells in Zioya and Nchilika.

YEAR 3: 2007
Fed 140 children for the entire year, provided a 4 by 4 truck (time is of the essence when transporting the sick to the hospital), Built a four station computer school and built a 300-square-metre brick primary school. The school sits on a 2.5-hectare parcel of land donated by the Malawian government, with enough space for a dirt sports field and a garden to grow fresh vegetables. We also drilled well number four in Kasisi.

YEAR 4: 2008
Fed 393 children for the entire year, provided farm animals i.e. Chickens and pigs. We also provided school and soccer uniforms, school supplies and most importantly, school teachers. The ultrasound probe was fixed and is now operational at the hospital in Malawi. We drilled three more wells, one in March (Chinyamula) and two in August (Daule and Julius) for a total of seven wells to date.

YEAR 7: 2011
300 orphans have been fed and cared for in 2 different orphanages with another orphanage has been built, complete with a kitchen, eating area, and study area.  Six wells have been drilled in 6 separate villages and medicine, soccer balls, and bicycles have been provided.  The orphanages, as well as their communities, have been educated and encouraged to grow gardens, in order to be self- sustaining and education has been implemented in self sustainability, as well as additional successful living methods.

YEAR 14: 2017

2017 witnessed a beautiful harvest! 14 years ago, our vision was to see the villages take ownership of planting and growing their own food for the orphan care centers. This has now been realized, and we are on our way to self sufficiency! We must however continue providing “vita porridge” - their main staple for the morning meal, along with oil, sugar and meat whenever available.  

5 wells were drilled in 2017, making it 39 in total! What a huge difference clean water makes!  This water provides clean drinking water and of course is also used for the crops. We saw the same excitement with the growing of the crops, that we do when clean fresh water is pumped through the well!