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I thought I would like to bring you an update on our recent trip to Malawi Africa. We have been home for nearly 2 weeks and the jet lag has subsided and like Arnold Schwarzenegger would say – “we are BACK!”

Chris and I were delighted to witness a beautiful harvest this year! 13 years ago, when Sheila and I first started this ministry in Malawi, our vision was to see the villages take ownership of planting and growing their own food for the orphan care centers. This has now been realized, and we are on our way to self sufficiency! We must however continue providing “vita porridge” - their main staple for the morning meal, along with oil, sugar and meat whenever available.  

During this trip, 3 wells were drilled, which makes 5 wells for 2017, and 39 in total! What a huge difference clean water makes!  This water provides clean drinking water and of course is also used for the crops. We saw the same excitement with the growing of the crops, that we do when clean fresh water is pumped through the well!  

Our objectives for 2018 are similar to what has been achieved in 2017. We will continue to bring fresh water to the orphans and widows of Malawi. We will oversee the crops, provide whatever food is not able to be grown, as well as fertilizer and seed. We will also be critiquing our process to see how we can streamline some of these components of our ministry. We also look to the Malawian people to formulate their own ideas on how to generate even a small income from their crops, in order to begin purchasing some of the supplies mentioned on their own. This gives them further ownership and pride in growing their own food.

Without our prayer and support group, none of this could ever be realized. Because of you, people’s lives are being impacted in a positive way. You ARE making a difference.

Another option to donate is online at Canada Helps 

God bless you,
George Klassen